Try to keep up with other players

The easiest way to win over your group mates has nothing to do with how well you play, but rather how fast you play. This does not mean at all that you have to hurriedly take shots and run to the golf balls. This means that you should do one or two practice swings and always be ready to play when it’s your turn.

This will give you plenty of time to chat between punches, but always keep quiet when someone is getting ready to punch. Also, on the green during a friendly round, very short putts (half a meter or less) are usually given or given away. That is, if you are told “this is good ”, the partner means that you will score your putt and you can pick up the ball.
A good etiquette rule for maintaining the pace of the game may be to keep a half-hole distance between your group and the group in front of you.

Wait your for turn to play

If all golfers hit the ball at the same time, there will be massive confusion, so you need to know when to hit the golf ball. There is a tradition that the player with the best score on the previous hole is given the “honor” to start the game first from the tee (and so on).
The etiquette rules state that the player whose golf ball is farthest from the hole plays next. However, within your group there may be an agreement to play “ready golf,” that is, anyone who is ready to hit can hit the pill.

When all the golf balls are on the putting green, you need to remember the flag. If your golf ball is closest to the hole, you must remove the flag from the glass, or in the event that not all players confirm that they can clearly see the hole, you can begin to “serve the flag”, i.e. be ready to pull it out of the glass as the pill rolls towards the hole.
After the hole is played, the flag is usually inserted back into the glass by the first player to hole.

Don’t kill anyone. Shout “Four!”

The chances of you having to do this are very high, especially after a tee shot. The “Four” warning is just a way of saying “Watch out” that is needed when a player’s pill is hit in a direction where other people might be. A few remarks about the cry “Four”.
First, don’t pull. As soon as you realize that there is the slightest possibility that the pill could hit someone, immediately shout. From here follows the second: SHOUT OUT LOUD. Any other verb is inappropriate here. You must warn others.
It will be even better if you specify the direction: “Fore to the right!” or “Four to the left!”. And feel free to shout even if the pill doesn’t reach the others.

Take care of the golf course

Keeping the field in good condition is hard work. Please contribute to this work. If you’re new to golf and are using a golf cart on the course, find out if it’s legal to drive on grass or if the cart must be left on the lane. In any case, never ride a square near a putting green.
If during a hit on the field you knocked out a divot (a piece of grass cover) with a club, you need to either lay it in its original place and press it firmly with your foot, or fill the depression with a special mixture of sand and seeds, which can usually be found on a golf cart or caddy. Hitting the putting green leaves dents from the balls. You can repair them with a special fork, and then align it by stepping on a boot.