Start with basic golf lessons

The nice thing is that you don’t know much about golf and haven’t picked up a lot of bad habits. You also have a huge number of questions.The surest way to success is to start moving, and it is advisable to seek advice not only when you are faced with a problem.good tip, of course, can be given by your friends, but it’s still better to turn to a golf professional (coach) who is trained to give golf lessons.

Be consistent on the golf training lessons

Once you’re in driving range, try to avoid temptation to pick up the driver right away (the farthest stick). Of course, you can take a couple of shots, but trying to send the ball long distance will quickly break the rhythm of your swing.
Start with wedges or short irons, warming up muscles involved in golf swing with half-swing movements. So you will gradually reach the driver and, having made a few blows to it, again return to short irons or wedges.
This sequence will help you maintain the correct rhythm of movement and control the level of muscle tension during lessons.

Learn short golf strokes till perfection

During a round of play, approximately half of shots will be taken from less than 50 meters to green. This means that at least half of your time lessons should be spent playing wedges and putters.
It may seem boring, but you must work out these blows in the yard, in the country house and even in the living room. During lessons, place the buckets in the country at different lengths and try to pitch (hit with a high flight path) into them with the ball. Simulate the game on the field, place the ball in comfortable and uncomfortable positions for hitting.
As for putting (short game), even if carpet in your room is not as fast as green (short grass near hole), you still have opportunity to practice aiming and rhythm of movement by rolling ball between the lower limb of the furniture or inventing other targets.

Something’s wrong – back to basics

Sometimes golf makes you think too much. You are bombarded with a huge amount of information, among which most confusion can be generated by various recommendations.
When you start learning golf, it’s hard to resist reading and watching everything that comes your way on the subject. But here it is necessary to feel the measure. When, after all that you’ve read and watched, thinking about correctness of your swing starts to wear you down, get back to the basics.

Prepare well for the strike. Take the correct stance and check position of ball. Make a relaxed swing (hit) with its complete completion. Over-analysis makes overstress, so control standard of tension by gently shaking the stick with your hands and trying to move it smoothly to hit. Nothing can worsen the quality of your hitting the ball like a sharp, irregular swing!

Find a coach you trust

Progress in your golf studies largely depends on how much you believe coach (golf pro). Of course, your trainer should be a good specialist and strive to help you, but personal contact is also important.
If you don’t like being pressured, an instructor with a gentler approach to teaching is more suitable for you. If you are a originative person, then look for an instructor who operates with images and sensations, and not with planes.
Idea is that you should be comfortable and revel learning process. You will achieve the best result if you do not hesitate to ask any inquiries and are not afraid to show your ignorance.