Ladies Day Charity Shield

Coming up in March 2017 is the Ladies Day Charity Shield and boy are we excited. Every year the ladies of the club host an annual event to remember as it’s a fun and enjoyable day out on the course and in the clubhouse all in the name of charity.

Each year the girls raise around $15,000 for breast cancer support and the support of those families dealing with a family member with breast cancer. In particular, breast cancer nurses are on the front line of defence in helping families and patients deal with the onset of breast cancer. With the money raised every year, it goes a long way to helping these nurses and the families involved with this horrible event.

The day entails a pink only dress code as well as pink balls and pink tees. The flags on the course and other items are all colored pink too. It’s a great day had by all and the celebration ball in the evening is an event to remember.

Please send in your interest to participate early as we are normally booked out well in advance. If you would like to donate further, please contact us about that too.

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